We build trust with our clients, forming partnerships, imaginative events and creative media with honesty, integrity and responsibility.

Like the symbol of our brand, we parachute into ideas and push boundaries. We value the work we do and the worth it brings to our clients.


Melvin Er

Multi-talented, Melvin merges his love for design and stage presence doubling as an event director and emcee.

From Skin Inc.’s international press launch to OCBC’s gala dinners, Melvin transforms any space into a 5 star experience: an empty hall becomes a spotlighted theatre, a ballroom becomes a red carpet ceremony, and a rooftop becomes sophisticated press conference.

I’ve done events all my life! I love to be on stage and use my creative eye for spatial designs.

Working magic, Melvin takes his experience from an award-winning marketing agency to bring finesse, exposure, and royal treatment to clients. From household brands to luxury or governmental projects, Melvin’s adaptability shines throughout.


Brenda Er

A real creative, Brenda lives and breathes filmmaking. From debuting her own documentary series to creating videos for the likes of Starhub, Sports Singapore, and Babolat, Brenda maintains a diversity and depth that touches all her stories.

It’s very easy for me to create a safe space for clients for the creativity to flow. I create videos that can be heartfelt and light-hearted, while staying true to the brand message.

Picking up filmmaking in university and moving into advertising and marketing with a degree in sociology, Brenda brings a unique perspective and commitment to her work as a videographer.

Brenda also founded and coined the name Lovorth – a binary word that represents love and worth, capturing her stand and ethos. 

Lovorth - Jasmine

Jasmine Teh

Coming from a background in IT at SMU and dabbling in photography, it was in the realm of visuals and still-life that Jasmine found her niche.

There’s something beyond the surface in photography. Corporate photography is also about enjoying the process. Beyond being ‘prim and proper,’ it’s a fun thing to do. My job is to reveal the personality while being natural.

Specialising in capturing the “other side of things”, particularly snapping graceful shots of people who normally hate getting their photo taken, Jasmine’s talent lies in enticing the imagination.

Along with events and video production, Jasmine shoots behind-the-scenes photographs for brands, creating trans-media and images that compliment and tell a visual story of a campaign.


Lovorth - Jackey

Jackey Lee

Whether he is a dancer or an events manager, Jackey’s energy and exuberance shines through on-stage and off-stage.

I love the thrill of events production, it’s like a piece of dance choreography. From the crafting of its concept, the lightings, the sound, the set and the rhythm of execution; every detail counts.

The NAFA contemporary dancer’s passion for the stage is synonymous with his desire to create an immersive experience for the audiences: a journey of excitement, fun and ease.

Having had curated dance productions of his own, he is slated to bring fresh perspectives to the realm of entertainment.

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